Strategy to pass CKAD in 30 days!!!

Find best course to learn.

Practice, practice and practice.

  • Make sure you practice all the topics and all the labs on the Kodecloud as shared by Mumshad Mannambeth’s course.
  • Whenever you get any question on any topic, just practice and learn it by doing.
  • Look out for videos again if there is any confusion in mind.

Search for best practice material

  • I solved the questions on following Github repo more than a couple of times.
  • Practice all these question on the day of exam as well.
  • Go through the following link to speed up your thinking process and solving questions.

VIM shortcuts(the perfect time savers)

  • This contains all the vim editor shortcuts which will help you in solving question efficiently and saving the yaml files in no time.
  • Practice on these shortcuts to put them into your muscle memory.

Imperative commands the best friend.

  • Practice more and more with the kubernetes imperative commands rather than the declarative approach.
  • It always saves time and always helps you solve problems efficiently.
  • For more details on imperative commands and be fast with kubectl.



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